Isella Helder

Party ally, grandmother to Luth & Mara.


An older human woman, but age has treated her kindly. Isella is of medium stature and wears simple, practical clothes suitable for travel. Her long, curly salt-and-pepper hair is held back by an ornately laced bandanna.


She abandoned the noble life at a young age when she was arranged to be married to a cruel, despicable nobleman. Taking all her pockets could fill from the Helder family treasury, she fled Baldur’s Gate with a carriage and two horses. Out of necessity, Isella learned to haggle ruthlessly to save what money she had, and quickly discovered she had a knack for it. She bought a handful of baubles and a barrel of spices, which she turned over for a tidy profit. It didn’t take long for Isella to decide that the merchant’s life was for her. Travelling the world over to sell her goods has made Isella wiser, kinder, and more knowledgeable.

Isella Helder

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