Luth & Mara Helder

Cursed children with prophetic dreams.


The Helder children were both born with strange markings and pitch dark eyes. Three black “spike” shapes vertically cross the eyes and mouth, and a wreath of ivy circles their necks. These marks brought a unique power to the Helder children. Their dreams are often prophetic, telling of the future through cryptic imagery.

Mara is the older of the two children at 10 years old. Her shoulder-length chestnut hair is always tangled and unkempt. Luth, the younger of the two, is 8 years old. He’s missing various teeth and speaks with a lisp, and as such tries to speak very little. His hair takes after that of his father: jet black, thick, and loosely curly. He always clutches a wooden toy soldier to his chest; a gift from his godmother Lucia.


Mara was hidden away when she was born due to her strange eyes and birthmarks. Her mother Amafrey kept to herself in Helder Manor, living a life of loneliness for the sake of the Helder family image. Luth was born shortly after with the same eyes and birthmarks. It was then decided that something was wrong with them. Lord Taman Helder sought the counsel of countless priests, mages, and scholars, but never found a solid answer as to what the children’s markings actually are. The children continued to live in solitude, seeing only their parents and occasionally their godmother, Lucia. As the years went on, the other noble families of Baldur’s Gate became suspicious of the Helder family for hiding their children from the public eye. Then, beginning on Mara’s 7th birthday, the Seelie Fey started to arrive. Poisoning meals, ruining clothes and furniture, and eventually escalating to beating the servants bloody, the Seelie Fey made life for the Helder family absolute hell. Out of desperation, Lord Taman organized for the secret removal of the children from the manor. After drugging the children to slumber, Lord Taman had a handful of servants abandon the children deep within the cloakwood. There, after months of living in filth and squalor, they were rescued by the party.

Luth & Mara Helder

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